Tensions between Earth and Mars are at an all-time high. After Martian demands for independence have been rejected, the inner planets are locked in a precarious state of cold war.
Meanwhile, the people living in the Belt and beyond suffer constant delays in the delivery of vital supplies and a general feeling of disenfranchisement, overlooked by the two major powers locking horns.

Welcome to the future! A couple of centuries from now, humankind has finally reached for the stars.
Colonies have been established on Luna and Mars, and the Belt is teeming with activity, its people (born outside the planetary gravity wells) busy harvesting resources from the mineral rich asteroids and outer planets.
After Earth managed to finally unite under UNE government, the expansion to the next frontier looked like the next step to a new era of peace and prosperity.
Sadly, human nature is one of conflict, and the failed negotiations between Earth and Mars are rapidly spiraling out of control, threatening the first interplanetary civil war.
Meanwhile Belters, depending on a constant stream of vital supplies to sustain their still not auto-sufficient settlements, are the ones suffering the most from the constant trade embargoes and blockades issued by the two super powers. The blood runs hotter by the day, and if nothing huge has happened yet, it seems just a matter of time before they add their voices to the fray…

Fate of Sol: Cold War

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