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  • Earth

    Cradle of humanity, now governed by the UNE.

    • We are calling the shots
    • The most cultured cut-throats
    • Strength in numbers

  • Luna

    First extra-Earth colony, houses most of the interplanetary diplomatic and governmental facilities.

    • A symbol of peace and collaboration
    • The grown-ups table

  • Mars

    First (and only) colonized planet, in the first phases of a generations-long terraforming effort.
    Hard work and dedication to this project have led to many great advancements in applied tech.

    • Red rocks, …

  • Ceres

    Biggest asteroid colony, it has a .3G spin-generated gravity (varies based on level). Main industrial and commercial port, composed of km upon km of subterranean tunnels.

    • Take care of life support or you'll skinny …

  • Eros

    First asteroid colony, now surpassed by Ceres and little more than a refueling station. Spins way faster to generate gravity.

    • Fuck you, Coriolis!
    • Used up and left behind
  • Ganymede

    The only moon with a magnetosphere, houses dome-grown experimental food crops. Cutting edge agricultural and medical research facilities.

    • The Garden of Eden
    • Stop arguing and let us do our …

  • Io

    Research Facilities and power cells supply

    • Ignore that rattling, it's just another quake

  • Hector

    This massive, oblong-shaped asteroid suspended in Saturn L-4 is nothing more than a rock sitting in space...except for the fact that is rumoured to house a quite big out-of-the-grid enclave.

    • NullGee Free Radio …

  • Saturn

    Ice in the rings is one of the biggest water supplies

    • Sensor scans are acting up...there's too much shit around here!