Fate of Sol: Cold War

Léirsinn Diary Entry 2

After Valdez got the phone call to help with the dock workers, and creep (El Pepe) took Samaira to get more information, Allen and I, hid in one of his safe houses, where he got in contact with Roy Hanses and set up a meet.

On the way, I ran into Jesse Rocket again and beat him silly, before getting away clean and meeting with Allen at the meeting point.

Hansen didn't show up, Allen called him and found he had decided he couldn't help, but he gave us an address to a place he thought we might find interesting.

We traveled on the tram system to get closer to the POI, and entered a mid construction apartment complex. We then looked around and found one apartment that had specialized security. Failing to open it quietly, I broke the door open, to find a large screen that turned on, showing a map, bomb radius and a time to detonate, which was 45 minutes…



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