Fate of Sol: Cold War

Léirsinn Diary Entry 1

Dear Diary… why do people say that? its not as if you're sentient.
I dont understand people sometimes… most of the time.

I decided to start writing down what is happening, so that i can look back over it and keep the details in the right order in my mind, as things have gotten complicated here on Ceres.

Yesterday, some Martian Commerce Bureau agent saw me on the docks and sent guards after me, i managed to disappear into a maintenance shaft, but one of MCB's guards followed me. I did however knock him down flat, the look on his face… priceless.
Turns out this clown's name is Jesse Rocket! what a childhood he must've had.

Not long after this incident, Valdez called me and asked to meet.
How could i say no after what happened to him?

We met at "Glazed Saturns" along with a man called Allen Gritz. He seems nice.

Not long after, "el pepe" turned up… what a creep. Something is so very off about this guy, i do not trust him at all!

He was about to tell us about something, when the lights went out and the Authorities started locking everything down, from the port and into the city.

Creep lead us out the back of the shop and we ran into some people pretending to be a part of Thespis. They immediately started shooting as us! what did we do? well, we beat them brainless of course… i managed to catch the unit leader who tried to run, her name is Samaira Obiki.

She agreed to help us, as long as we can free her child.
Kidnappers… ill say no more.



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