Fate of Sol: Cold War

OPA: First Public Appearance

Article 1 of the UN International Bill of Human Rights of 1948

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

In accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ideal of free human beings enjoying freedom from fear and want can only be achieved if conditions are created whereby everyone may enjoy his economic, social and cultural rights, as well as his civil and political rights.

These principles were written to be universal. There is no mention of what world they apply to.

You call us Belters, but we are not just from the Belt. We are from all the worlds from Jupiter and beyond, all the outer planets that have something of value to Earth or Mars. Our predecessors made these places habitable, span them for gravity, carved tunnels to live in. They hauled ice for air and water, cultivated plants and algae for food. They colonised these new worlds, often with the barest amount of help. It took bravery and intuition just to survive from day to day, but they did, and the inner planets have profited well from their labours.

Despite all this we are not represented. We have no voice in the United Nations. Policies and laws are made that directly affect us without a chance to even have our opinions heard. The governments of the inner planets depend on what we provide, and to secure their resources they arrange matters to deny us what we need.

We are sons and daughters of Earth and Mars. If they will not hear us, why should we hear them?

This is a call to those born free to assert your freedom. Claim your independence.

Join the Outer Planets Alliance, and find your family.

Léirsinn Diary Entry 2

After Valdez got the phone call to help with the dock workers, and creep (El Pepe) took Samaira to get more information, Allen and I, hid in one of his safe houses, where he got in contact with Roy Hanses and set up a meet.

On the way, I ran into Jesse Rocket again and beat him silly, before getting away clean and meeting with Allen at the meeting point.

Hansen didn't show up, Allen called him and found he had decided he couldn't help, but he gave us an address to a place he thought we might find interesting.

We traveled on the tram system to get closer to the POI, and entered a mid construction apartment complex. We then looked around and found one apartment that had specialized security. Failing to open it quietly, I broke the door open, to find a large screen that turned on, showing a map, bomb radius and a time to detonate, which was 45 minutes…

Léirsinn Diary Entry 1

Dear Diary… why do people say that? its not as if you're sentient.
I dont understand people sometimes… most of the time.

I decided to start writing down what is happening, so that i can look back over it and keep the details in the right order in my mind, as things have gotten complicated here on Ceres.

Yesterday, some Martian Commerce Bureau agent saw me on the docks and sent guards after me, i managed to disappear into a maintenance shaft, but one of MCB's guards followed me. I did however knock him down flat, the look on his face… priceless.
Turns out this clown's name is Jesse Rocket! what a childhood he must've had.

Not long after this incident, Valdez called me and asked to meet.
How could i say no after what happened to him?

We met at "Glazed Saturns" along with a man called Allen Gritz. He seems nice.

Not long after, "el pepe" turned up… what a creep. Something is so very off about this guy, i do not trust him at all!

He was about to tell us about something, when the lights went out and the Authorities started locking everything down, from the port and into the city.

Creep lead us out the back of the shop and we ran into some people pretending to be a part of Thespis. They immediately started shooting as us! what did we do? well, we beat them brainless of course… i managed to catch the unit leader who tried to run, her name is Samaira Obiki.

She agreed to help us, as long as we can free her child.
Kidnappers… ill say no more.

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